Giga-Journal: Another After-Con Monday!

Giga-Journal: Another After-Con Monday!

Anime Conji Happened

We Went

. . . I Did Nothing. . .

By: J.R TafoyaHead Writer

Monday, April 6th

   So, this past weekend Dustin and I had a chance to go to Anime Conji here in San Diego. You’re probably asking, “WHAT!? TWO cons in ONE month!? Are you insane!?” The short of it is, “Yes”. Yes, we are.


NISA's newest, and most interesting, panel to date! A Danganronpa Murder-Mystery.

NISA’s newest, and most interesting, panel to date! A Danganronpa Murder-Mystery.

  Although, this time, we spent the entire weekend at the con. An amazing hotel by the bay housed us for the second time, and this year we weren’t working for the con! So, naturally, I revved myself up, got hype, and made Dustin do everything. While he was out making friends, setting up photo shoots, taking photos, and being altogether productive, I sat around and shot the breeze with a few people. The most prominent was our friend Jacob, creator of the acclaimed Fakku website (DEFINITELY NSFW!!!!). In fact, our cosplayer friends and I had a chance to run the Fakku booth and peddle smut while he was checking out San Diego and got food! I feel . . . accomplished? . . . useful? . . . torn? Something along those lines.

   This year seemed a bit smaller than the last one or two. While we had some high-ranking voice actors in the area, Kyle Hebert being my favorite, I felt like there was a lot less to do in terms of panels. Speaking of, there was a Danganronpa murder-mystery trial that happened throughout Saturday that seemed like a huge success. The intro started early in the morning and the trial was held around 6:00PM where the people tried to pinpoint the killer. From what I heard, since I was too lazy (and asleep) to attend, it was incredibly fun and something much different than what we usually see at bigger cons. If you haven’t heard of Danganronpa, it’s a murder-myster visual novel game that is insanely popular, incredibly dark, and amazingly fun. I highly suggest checking it out.


Hiya-ho, here we go! I'm the man with the plan to uplift the good and rout out the bad!

Hiya-ho, here we go! I’m the man with the plan to uplift the good and rout out the bad!

The highlight of my trip, other than hanging out with the Fakku crew, going to all four of their panels, and making merry, was seeing Kyle Hebert. As the one and only man who voiced Teen Gohan of DragonBall Z, a.k.a THE GREAT SAIYAMAN! We got him to do some of his Saiyaman speech, which made me laugh like a giddy school girl, but it made me happy that he was insanely nice too! It’s always nice to meet a (nerd) celebrity and find out how awesome and nerdy they are. I LOVE YOU BABY!


   I’ve finally finished everything from my list of Winter’s anime. It’s sad to see them go, especially Death Parade. My article will be up this week, as soon as I can get it edited. But, a heads up, I really, really loved Death Parade. The only thing I’m trying to finish now is Maria the Virgin Witch. It challenges a lot of Christian faith in the same fashion that . . . well, most people do. But, at the same time, it shows those faiths to be true by using Biblical figures such as Michael the Archangel or Ezekiel. It’s definitely a good watch, dramatic, compelling, and even frustrating to a point, it has all the moral ambiguity and grey-area concepts that you and your friends can fight over!

HNNNNNG! Karen is too damn cute! Just listen to her accent!!!

HNNNNNG! Karen is too damn cute! Just listen to her accent!!!

  In the meantime, I’ve found a delightful slice-of-life show called Kiniro Mosaic that I talked a little about last week. Through this show, I’ve found out that . . .*gulp* . . . I really, really like slice-of-life shows. Like . . . a lot. It helps remind me that everyone has their particular tastes: Shounen, action, drama, comedy, ecchi . . . anything and everything. But, what’s most important about anime is that it makes you smile, or it gives you something to think about, or maybe you just want some blood and gore in your life. As long as it makes you happy, it’s for you! So, that being said, I’m never NOT smiling when I watch this show. Karen with her charmingly ADORABLE accent, Shino with her blonde fetish, Aya-ya with her tsundere-ness, and Alice with her shyness all make the characters fun and enjoyable. I may not remember when I’m old and senile, but it makes me smile, and that makes it worthwhile to me!

  You do you, boo-boo. You do you.

   Anyway, that’s it for me on this Monday Giga-Friends. I hope you all have a great Monday, and an even better week!

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