Fabulous Friday: New games and new peeps!

Fabulous Friday: New games and new peeps!

Hey there giga-landers! Sunshine here bringing you a short take on things for the week.

As you know I am involved in a weekly tabletop game and now I am having my players interested in bringing more people to the table! This always strikes me as a great thing  because it means people are having fun and they want to share the love! The tricky part is just bringing the New people into the fold in a way where they all have fun and no one feels underpowered. It should be fun to keep the group going!

In other news I bought bloodborne and it has been a pleasant surprise – it is really hard but also very easy to jump into and get started bashing things!!!

I don’t have much else to say but go to kingdom con at the end of the month!!!!


Join us there and until next time, good luck and good gaming!!!



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