Giga-Journal: Metal Gear Monday

Giga-Journal: Metal Gear Monday

I Paid $30 For A Game I Beat In 55 Minutes

. . . But I Still Love Kojima

By: Head Writer – Justin Tafoya


Kept you waiting, huh?

   I’ve had Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes for quite a while and, as every one of my friends knows, I’m always late to the MGS scene. So, out of whimsy, I decided to throw it in the ol’ PS3 and try it out last night. Everyone told me it was short . . . they told me I’d probably finish in one sitting. What I didn’t expect was to finish the game within the hour. I’d even gone out of my way to make some coffee, getting ready for the epoch that is MGS cutscenes. To my dismay, I’d been sorely wrong. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just a little disappointed and, even though I know that Kojima was strong armed into releasing the game prior to The Phantom Pain‘s release, it sucks to see a masterpiece cut so short.

   That isn’t to say it wasn’t enjoyable though. Most of our readers know that I’m usually pretty emotionless in general. But, one scene in particular involving Paz had me squirming in my seat and covering my eyes at some points. To those who may skipped Peace Walker like I almost did, they have Paz’ recordings/diary to listen to before the game. As someone who appreciates the art of storytelling, I can say, without a doubt, that these alone were masterfully done. Paz’ taste of peace, her voice acting that waned from angry to sympathetic, and the way the story unfolded was nothing less than stellar. For these reasons, including the awesome gameplay, I can definitely see myself dishing out for The Phantom Pains.


Kiefer Sutherland as Big Boss. Oddly a good choice for the role.

Kiefer Sutherland as Big Boss. Oddly a good choice for the role.

On a side note, I actually enjoyed Kiefer Sutherland as Big Boss. A lot of people were complaining that “it isn’t Hayter, won’t buy”. But, I think Kojima has a reason for everything and, between me and Dustin, we have several theories on what his reasons might be. I think it’s different than the Big Boss we’re used to and that is disconcerting to a lot of people. But, if you wipe away the bias and take Sutherland for what he is, I think he did a great job, for however few lines he had. If the direction were a little better, he’d probably done sensationally.

   Now on to anime.

Log Horizon 1 (2)

Still waiting for Shiroe to make shit get serious. MAKE IT HAPPEN SHIRO!

   I think I’ve found the anime I want to stick with. Sadly, there aren’t that many. Terra Formars has been sorely and salt-ily dropped next to anything that tried to be a semi-romantic action anime. And, for some reason, Dustin and Bryan keep trying to get me to watch Cross Ange knowing full well that it reeks of Gundam SEED and how much they know I will hate it. If I my health declines due to anger, you know whose fault it is!


   On the other hand, I’ve been loving Log Horizon, Inou-Battle, Madan no Ou, Daitoshokan, and Akame ga Kill (still). I think I’ll wait for some of David’s reviews before I finalize my list, though.

   Stay tuned for a whole grip of anime reviews this week, as we pass the three-episode-rule! I’d pop some popcorn or get ready with a cup of hot cocoa as our writing can cause bouts of high tension due to our amazing writing skills. Be careful, we love you and want you to be our friend FOREVER . . .  and ever . . . and ever . . . and ever . . .


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