Giga-Journal: Missing Mondays . . . Wednesdays!

Giga-Journal: Missing Mondays . . . Wednesdays!

I Had to Bury a Good Friend Recently . . .

His Name Was . . . MY COMPUTER!

*cries uncontrollably*

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya

Wednesday, May 27th –

   I’m sorry for the long absence my Giga-Friends, but as the title states, I’ve had even more computer problems recently. It seems that the general consensus was that the power supply surged and killed a lot the parts: the motherboard, CD drive, and worst of all . . . my hard drive!!! *cries* So I had to spend a ton of time going back and forth from the electronics store switching out parts, getting broken parts from the electronics store, and then getting even more parts. Thankfully, most of my important stuff was backed up onto an external hard drive a couple weeks earlier! Well, mostly everything . . . I did lose a few anime articles I was working on for the site. . . So . . . that happened. . .



   Other than that, I’ve been way too hyped for Final Fantasy XIV’s new expansion, Heaven’s Ward. They’ve been slowly leaking information regarding the new jobs, some new crafting, the raids, and even the new and improved *drum roll* LIMIT BREAKS! Last week, they released a video showcasing the new job actions for certain classes and it was brilliant! But, hey, that’s what hype is for!

   Despite being gone for two whole weeks, I really don’t have a ton to talk about . . . Maybe that’s saying a lot about me, huh? I -did- figure out that I like tinkering with computers though! So much so, that I helped my friend fix his after I was done with mine! Heck, I made enough mistakes fixing my own, that I figured out what not to do in the process. But, I am a super genius, so I guess it comes as no surprise that I can do damn near anything, am I right?. . .

. . . No? . . . O.K. . .



Yeah, this happens.

Yeah, this happens.

Shokugeki no Souma (Food Wars) is still the tops on my list for this season. In our (somewhat) recent article, I tried to portray how absolutely ridiculous some of the scenes were. Seriously, music shouldn’t be allowed to be that epic when you’re eating! It isn’t safe!! And the fanservice is pretty equal opportunity too. In fact, I’ve seen enough man-ass to last me for awhile . . . or forever! I highly suggest checking it out though. I’m totally rooting for Souma as he takes down those snooty-ass, high-class, jerks who think food has to be expensive to be good! GO SOUMA!

I think Kekkai Sensen might be a close second as well. It’s insanely entertaining for an episodic anime and its music is absolutely fantastic. OH! The music. PLEASE! Just watch it for the music alone! . . . It helps to note that I am a huge fan of jazz and blues, so I may be a slight, tiny, itty-bit bias. Maybe.

Lastly, don’t judge me, but Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!) is absolutely fantastic as well. It has all the fun of a comedy show, mixed with the emotional depth of a shoujo, all without those stupid tropes that drive people away. In fact, they’ve jumped through all the relationship BS in a matter of three episodes! THREE! I think that’s an all time new record.

Dammit, there is a TON of great anime this season! I CAN’T CONTAIN IT ALL!

Anyway, that’s it for me on this Wednesday! I hope you all have a great rest of the week!

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