Giga-Journal’s Giga-First!

Giga-Journal’s Giga-First!

Welcome to My Mind


Escape From a Twisted Psyche!

By: Staff WriterJ.R Tafoya

October 13, 2014


My ugly mug.

My ugly mug. And now you know.

Hello World! And Hello again, my Giga-People!

   This is the first installment of  our soon-to-be weekly installments for our Giga-Journal (name pending?).  This will help you get a feel for who we are, as individuals, and partly so I can write more often. Welcome to my twisted mind, friends. Good luck escaping!

   First, I’d like to start off by introducing myself. My name is Justin, but I prefer J.R. I’m now a 26-yr-old recovering virgin who is attending school for Japanese.  My dreams are to become a localization expert for JRPGs or anime, to one day make it to outer space, and eventually rule the world. Currently, I write anime reviews, along with my friend David, for Gigaventure. A task I truly enjoy.


***As can be seen here. WHY WON'T YOU LOVE ME!?

***As can be seen here.

Oh, also, I would like a wife. Preferably real. Two kids, one boy and one girl. I’m currently accepting marriage proposals, as giving them out at every con doesn’t seem to work for me***. If you ever see us at a local convention, I’ll be the tall, scrawny, white guy who is carrying way too much camera equipment (for everyone else).

The End!

Not really.

  For my first installment, I wanted to talk about censorship in anime. As the new anime season has started, we’ve all surely become giddy with a whole new world of potential before us. Yes, I feel the same.

   As David and I always divvy up the anime in different ways, just to keep things fresh, we decided to let his girlfriend pick FOR us this time. Saving the rage later, for the actual article, I was given TerraforMARS. I had checked it earlier when an OVA was released and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. If anything can match last year’s Attack on Titan gore-fest, it is definitely this one. But, when I had finally watched the actual anime, and not an OVA, it was severely censored. Severely, as in, 20-30 seconds of nothing but a black screen with voices and sounds behind it.  Boy, oh boy, did I lose my mind; Shouting at the screen, hitting a pillow (and not a wall this time), constant sighing, the works. At that point, why are they even airing the damn thing on T.V?


GEE! I wonder what he's doing guys! I guess I'll never know!

GEE! I wonder what he’s doing guys! I guess I’ll never know!

  It’s come to the point where censorship has become downright idiotic. We can see boobs and panties on T.V, but if someone gets their arm torn off, that’s where they draw the line. Now, in America, that’s completely opposite to our ideas. *long rant about being desensitized due to violence or something*. If we wanted to argue about that, we definitely could. I could see both sides of the argument. But, that’s not where it ends. Anyone having watched Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders will know that, not only was the violence censored, so was a scene where Jojo was smoking a cigarette. As if censoring that could either hide or dissuade someone from smoking. I’m gonna say this now: If you’re stupid enough to be swayed, by an imaginary character, to start smoking, you deserve to be punched in the throat.

   I’ve never been known for my sympathy or tact. Sorry (not really).

   As a third point, I call to the stand, the anime Pupa. Having had an incredibly interesting and grim premise, it was taken from an anime to a broken, dissevered, and still censored piece of trash with 5 minute episodes. Sad as I am, I’ll probably still watch TerraforMARS.

Which brings me to today’s true topic: NEW ANIME!

As for Log Horizon, I'm loving the story so far and the characters more so. And, for some reason, it's making me laugh more than anything else this season.

As for Log Horizon, I’m loving the story so far and the characters more so. And, for some reason, it’s making me laugh more than anything else this season.

  I’ve currently had the time to watch a few, aside from the aforementioned one. Aside from the continuing ones like Log Horizon, Gundam Build Fighters, and Selector Spread WIXOSS, I’ve enjoyed watching Madan no Ou to Vanadis and Denki-gai no Honya-san.

   Vanadis seems to be handled pretty respectably. I can see that they really want to do the boobs/panties thing, but they’ve mostly veered away from that preferring to show off  legs and bouncing breast-es-es-. . . es. Which isn’t all too bad, seeing as how I’m a “legs man” (I like women with nice legs, TMI?). The main character is pretty cool too, reminding me that not ALL harem MC’s need to be morons.

   Dengeki-gai no Honya-san is pretty funny as well. I’m not sold yet, but the second episode had man-junk and lady-parts flopping all over the place. There were so many boobs and penis jokes I could hardly stand from laughter. Yes, I’m immature and now it’s time you knew too.

  I’ll get around to watching a ton of other anime this week, with another set of articles to follow. I’m sure you’re just dying for my input! Don’t worry Giga-babies, I’ll always be here for you. Writing is a passion of mine, and pairing it with my love of anime is an utter joy for me.

SO! What anime have you guys been watching? Is there anything you highly suggest? (Note that mentioning SAO will get you on my s**t-list).

Cosplay photo of the week. Starring a fan favorite, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. From Luffy Cosplayer.


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