Giga-Journal: Steam Sales are Over . . . Mondays . . .

Giga-Journal: Steam Sales are Over . . . Mondays . . .

Steam Sale is Over and I’m Sad

Also, Some More Things About E3?

. . . Or Something. . .

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya

Monday, June 22nd –

   Hello my Giga-Friends! I say that in a way that makes it sound like I’m putting emphasis on the “hello”. Why the sarcasm? BECAUSE THE STEAM SALE ENDED!

Steam Summer Sale ending makes me a sad panda!

Steam Summer Sale ending makes me a sad panda!

   This year, I probably bought about 10 games which cost me a grand total of almost $40. Seriously. Aside from the games I mentioned last time, I bought the entirety of the Y’s series available on Steam, Antichamber, and QP Shooting – Dangerous!! (even though I suck at bullet hell games) to name a few. Sadly, the days of amazing deals, impulsing buying simply because we can, and prices so low you’d be crazy NOT to buy them have all ended. Though, now that I think about it . . . I’m never going to have time to finish all these damn games!!! Especially now that FFXIV: Heavensward is out. . .

   Anyway, E3 had a huge announcement for old-school RPG-ers (and posers), a remake for Final Fantasy VII has been announced! So, working at GameStop as I do, every other customer who came in would ask, “FF7 WHEN!? CAN I PRE-ORDER!?”.

   No. No you can’t. Stop asking.


FF7 and stuff.

FF7 and stuff.

The nerd in me was a bit excited. Square-Enix has been a huge dick-tease about the inevitable remastering of the acclaimed series. For years fans have endured relentless disparagement for their love, constant ill-conceived April Fool’s jokes, and an endless supply of yaoi hentai. To which I respond:

   “I really don’t mind.”

   Don’t get me wrong, I love Final Fantasy VII. It got my brother into video gaming, and it helped me to deepen my love for the JRPG genre. In its era, it was a masterpiece. A pearl amongst swine, a diamond in the rough . . . so to speak. But, my literal response to the unveiling of the game was both pessimistic and apathetic, “Huh, guess I’m never going to see that Final Fantasy VI remake.” Besides that, SE has a terrible track record for games. The times between Kingdom Hearts games is near unforgivable, Final Fantasy XV has been in production for literally 10 years now, and remember Agito and XIII vs.? I do. And don’t give me that, “Oh it was changed to “X” game!” bullshit. You know as well as I do that was fake.

   But, when or if the game comes out, you can bet I’ll be in line for the midnight release, baby.


   This is becoming a Shokugeki no Souma weekly update section, isn’t it? I DON’T CARE! I LOVE IT! LOVE IT WITH ME!


Even as a sous-chef, Souma is capable of handling anything that comes at him and his partner!

Even as a sous-chef, Souma is capable of handling anything that comes at him and his partner!

  Anyway, they finished a small arc involving Megumi, the shy and meek girl, and something happened to Souma that hasn’t happened since he joined the academy. We spend a lot of time focusing on Megumi, who took the reins for a cooking battle with Souma as her sous chef, but we forget that in the midst of everything, Souma is still fighting to be #1. To confrontation was definitely anger inducing for Souma. Heck, it even pissed me off when some “high and mighty” chef tries to spout out some bullshit about “being the best” and “forcing people to fail”. Whether or not Souma takes home a victory, or whether it belongs to Megumi herself, is still undecided in my mind. But, it was a great arc.


Ginko. Oppai.


Gintama is right about to finish off their “Gender Bender” arc, which makes me a little sad since it’s pretty funny. But,  am I off base by saying that Gintoki- . . . err,  GinKO is pretty hot? DON’T JUDGE ME! Anyway, it’s coming to a close this week and I’m hoping for a big fight involving Ginko and the antagonist of the arc. Though, more likely the girls -> guys will take the lead and finish off the monster gender-bending everyone. This season has been pretty awesome and has had a great mixture of comedy and seriousness, erring on the side of comedy as they usually do. I highkly suggest at least checking out the first two episodes, it’s pretty great.

   Anyway, that’s it for me today Giga-buddies. I hope you have a great Monday and an even better week! -J.R

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