Giga-Journal: Anime Expo 2015 HYPE!!!

Giga-Journal: Anime Expo 2015 HYPE!!!

T-Minus 3 Days . . .

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya

Monday, June 29th



   ANIME EXPO IS IN A COUPLE OF DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! So, you won’t be seeing much from us for the rest of the week. That includes David and my Anime Review articles. I know, little Giga-Cubs, don’t cry. We’ll be back with our reviews next week. Though, to be honest, not a lot of the things we are watching have ended. . . Kekkai Sensen and Punchline. . . ?

Huh. . . We about to be REAL busy in 12 weeks!. . .

   Wow, I even forgot that the new anime season starts soon. I’M SO FAR BEHIND ON LIFE! (life=anime?)

   Anyway, since I’m getting ready for AX now, cleaning/washing/ironing clothes, packing, getting snacks, etc. . . So, I’m gonna keep it short this time! Lucky you. . .



This is what we had to go on before watching Punchline. I'm still confused.

This is what we had to go on before watching Punchline. I’m still confused.

As I said before, this season is coming to a close, so I don’t want to ruin anything. But, David and I both agree that Punchline was a surprisingly awesome anime! It looks to be an ecchi anime with all the frilly panties and boob bounces you could want. But, it feels a bit like FLCL (only a bit smarter) in that it has an intensely deep storyline with a lot of “deeper meanings” in every episode. They did a fantastic job of hiding those meanings behind some great comedy and action, which makes it even more fun when David and I could say, “OH! So, ‘X; mean ‘Y’!” Or even when we had those Epiphanies, it was exciting to find out if our guesses were actually correct. All in all, it was a great show, well worth the watch. Look out for David’s review of it soon!

   Anyway, that’s it for me today friends! I hope you have a great Monday, and I hope to see you at AX!

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