Giga-Journal: No More Conventions Monday. . .

Giga-Journal: No More Conventions Monday. . .


By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya

Monday, July 13th –

   You always feel that sense of relaxation after a week of convention…-ing(?) . . . and, although I live in San Diego, and Los Angeles is only a 2-3hr drive away, two conventions in the span of two weeks is absolutely insane. That being said, I didn’t attend Comic-Con this year. Because reasons.


Much Fate, such Stay. Night. Wow.

Much Fate, such Stay. Night. Wow.

But, I had an amazing time at Anime Expo 2015. This was the first time in a few years I had the freedom to just kind of roam around and do whatever the crap I wanted. Usually I’m going around with the Giga-Crew doing Giga stuff, carrying camera equipment, watching/holding bags while people do photo shoots . . . the works. But, this year, we just said “Screw it, time to have fun!”. Of course, that meant going around to ridiculous panels, looking at things, taking pictures of cosplayers in close-knit quarters, and wasting a ton of money on suggestive pillowcases. Yeah, you heard me right. Sadly, I’m not much of a party person, either due to slight agoraphobia or the unwillingness to touch sweaty people who smell like alcohol, we ended up wandering the con with several friends just having fun roaming.


Dustin's suggestive pillow case.

Dustin’s suggestive pillow case.

I seriously felt more tired this time around that I have in several years. Plus, I had a lot less time to check my street passes on my 3DS, so there’s that too. . . Anyway, Bryan Intern went to the Fate/Stay Night panel where they got an awesome private concert and a quick meeting with Saber’s voice actress, Kawasumi Ayako. Not gonna lie, I’m a little jealous. Though, had Rin’s voice actress (Kana Ueda) been there, I would have been first in line, obviously with my proposal ring in hand. /full-weab00.

   A couple of points about Anime Expo itself this year:

The NOT Fakku booth where we DIDN'T hang out a lot!. . .

The NOT Fakku booth where we DIDN’T hang out a lot!. . .

   1) We literally spent 1 minute in line to get our tickets. No, that is not a lie nor an exaggeration. We walked in, got a back, looked for someone to scan our tickets, got our tickets. I was honestly surprised. We’ve always had problems with the lines at AX and we always hear the same “we’ll fix it for sure this year!”. But, they really fixed it this year. Not to be an ass, but I was a little sad I couldn’t weab out with the people in line like we usually do. . . But hey, I didn’t get sunburned this year!


  2) I liked the way they did panels this year. Larger cons usually don’t clear out rooms when they’re done with a panel, leaving a lot of people to dry in the sun. This time, I think they found a good middle ground for that. If a panel was at max capacity, they would clear the room and line everyone up (making sure to tell people in the current panel as well). If it wasn’t near full, they would just let you sit in. I feel like this is a great middle ground for con-goers and it I’m surprised at this improvement as well.


Goodbye Mega64! Your panel was awesome and I love you!

Goodbye Mega64! Your panel was awesome and I love you!

3) People don’t F–king shower. TAKE A DAMN SHOWER NERDS!

   4) Not to sound like an elitist (honestly), but the convention is getting bigger every year and it’s becoming a struggle to travel anywhere within the convention center. I’m hoping they find a good capacity for people next year, because the convention is only going to get bigger. Though, that might be the agoraphobia again. Who knows.

  All in all, a win for AX 2015. I had a great time, the volunteers/elites weren’t rude this time, the panels were amazing, Fakku was amazing, and I’m glad I went.



   Shokugeki no Souma and Ore Monogatari!! are both still amazing, keep watching them! I’ll probably do a quick/small mid-season review on those before we start our new anime articles this year. I was a little disappointed with DanMachi‘s ending, but it was still a fun anime and we’re STILL waiting on Kekkai Sensen‘s final episode. I guess they said they needed a full hour to finish the series, so they needed to allocate more resources to finish, then find a suitable time slot. . . anime problems.

  This season is looking pretty good too. Or something. I DON’T CARE! WAITING FOR ONE PUNCH MAN NEXT SEASON! HURRY UP TIME!

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