Giga-Journal: After Evo Mondays!

Giga-Journal: After Evo Mondays!

Even Though I Didn’t Compete or Attend Evo 2015 . . .

I’m Still Emotionally Drained!

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya

Monday, July 20th –

So, as the title states, Evolution 2015 has just ended. If you’re not familiar with the name, Evolution (Evo, for short) is probably the largest fighting game tournament in North America. Held in Las Vegas around this time every year, people from all over the world to compete in fighting games and wins lots and lots of money to play video games. And, when they win, they can shove it in their parents’ faces, “SEE!? I can make a living off this Dad!”.

Armada taking the SSBM Gold! A close victory, but one that is well deserved!

Armada taking the SSBM Gold! A close victory, but one that is well deserved!

Anyway, this year was pretty intense especially near on Sunday during all the finals. I had a chance to watch Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- which was amazing (look to the bottom for some Evo highlights . . . or our Facebook page). The final round came down to the wire and was absolutely fun especially when Daisuke Ishiwatari, creator of the series, came on stage to hand out the medals!

Then I was able to catch the Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament finals. I’ve always been a fan of HungryBox, the only Jigglypuff player I know. He is infamous for being a 2nd place victim . . . and an American (I guess that’s bad internationally). But, his win at Apex 2015 (another fighting game tournament) was a good sign that he’d broken free of his curse. Sadly, he was beaten by Sweden’s ‘Armada’ in an amazing match. There was nothing to be ashamed of, both players did an amazing job and I’ve never seen such a heavy game of footsies played in SSB.

Momochi wins the SF4 finals! GamerBee (left) has nothing to be ashamed of, as a man or a competitor! Amazing match indeed!

Momochi wins the SF4 finals! GamerBee (left) has nothing to be ashamed of, as a man or a competitor! Amazing match indeed!

Finally, the crowd favorite, Street Fighter IV! The entire Top 8 was fun to watch, save for one turtle (or, defense heavy) match. The final match were two crowd favorites: Momochi from Japan, and GamerBee from Taiwan. GamerBee had done an amazing job resetting the bracket and keeping the favorite on his toes the entire match. Sadly, on the final round of the tournament, Momochi’s controller broke, causing the game to pause. In a tournament like this, the opposing player is allowed to take the entire match point, which would have won the tournament for GamerBee. But, being an amazing sportsman and fighter, GamerBee only took the match making it a final “winner take all” match. And, even though GamerBee lost, he got mad props from the crowd and my utmost respect. It helps to note that he will be sponsored by Capcom in their next tournament, so it wasn’t a complete loss for him.

But, the feeling of seeing the game pause mid-match made my heart sink. Even announcer Seth Killian was heard shouting “No! Not like this! Not in the finals!”. It was truly a heart wrenching event, one full of emotion and sportsmanship we’ve rarely ever seen at Evo. P.S Announcer James cried like a girl after the match was over. Easy money, baby.

One last note, Evo showcased the new Tekken 7 this year and I am now re-allocating my savings in an attempt to get a PS4 so I can play it. . . Don’t judge me.




I’ve yet to watch anything from the new season, aside from Non-Non Biyori Repeat. Don’t judge me . . . again. I was a little behind on anime because of work and whatnot, so I finished everything from last season. I’ve done a quick write-up on the anime that ended from last season and will post it soon. But, I will say, that I was legitimately surprised at how Hibike! Euphonium turned out. I’d initially disliked the main character and the music teacher, but the writing in the show had me completely turned around by the end of the anime.

I wasn’t so enthused about DanMachi‘s ending though. Another typical, “we’re ending the anime so let’s do a huge overpowered fight to show off our heroes!” endings. The color scheme in the final episode was . . . well, red. Only red. And it was damn annoying as it made extremely difficult to make out details of certain scenes. Though, it was a pretty delightful show through and through.

I’ll get back to you on more anime next week after I’ve finally caught up with the world.

Until then, have a great Monday and an even better week! -J.R


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