Giga-Journal: Gun-Fu Tuesday!

Giga-Journal: Gun-Fu Tuesday!

Dear Giga-Journal,

So this past Friday I went and saw the new Keanu Reeves movie John Wick with some of the Giga-crew. I gotta say I went into that movie not expecting much and then getting a great deal of  awesomeness! John Wick was such a intense action movie and the action never stopped. Now the beginning was kinda slow but once the action started it was full throttle badass-ness and some of the most epic gun fights I have ever seen on live action film…… Now you maybe thinking that since the action was so good that the story might be lacking and guess what your WRONG! The story was intense and at times it was even a little bit of a dark comedy. There were some plot holes that I wish they would have answered but it doesn’t affect the story much. All in all I thought it was a great movie and I hope more people go and see it since it wasn’t advertised much.

Here is the trailer for those of you who haven’t seen it.

Now one more little entry before I go. This weekend is Stan Lee’s Comikaze in LA. I was sad around this time last year because I had to miss it and I almost missed it again this year, But luckily this year I will be able to go!!!! So yeah myself and some of the Giga-crew will be heading up to LA on Sunday to attend Comikaze so if your going to be there and wanna do a shoot with us and be in our video, be on the look out XD


Well that’s all for today I guess……see you next week!

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