Giga-Journal: I’M BACK MONDAYS!

Giga-Journal: I’M BACK MONDAYS!

It’s Been Some Time, Giga-Friends. .  .

“Kept Ya’ Waiting, Huh?”

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya

Monday, Sept. 28th –

   It has been quite a while, my Giga-Friends! It has been a hectic two months, but I’ve kind of steeled myself to at least write once a week now. At least until the site goes under, or something. What with getting a second job soon (hopefully), I’ll have even less time to write. But, as many people have heard me state before, I love to write and this isn’t a job for me. It’s fun. So, I’ll try to keep up my end of the bargain and the three . . . four(?) of the people that read this can live in peace!

Meet DD, MGS V's best character. Ever. Of all time.

Meet DD, MGS V’s best character. Ever. Of all time.

  I’m somewhat of an emotional wreck in that I internalize a lot of my emotions and refrain from showing anything other than happiness or anger. It might be one of the reasons I love games and anime that can get me riled up on the inside. That being said, I’m really loving Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pains. Though I haven’t had the time to finish it yet, I’ve been steadily trudging through all the missions and side-ops the game has to offer. It’s already touching on some heavy real-life issues that are hard to look at, but that’s one of the reasons (I think) the game is great.

   If I did have one gripe about the game, it’s that Snake rarely talks and I haven’t had a dose of that insane cover-up conspiracy theory story line that Kojima is popular for. Though . . . maybe I’m not far enough yet, so I’ll definitely withhold any judgement. That aside, I’ve heard some people in “the business” talk about how the game may be unfinished in Kojima’s eyes. Something about how there was supposed to be a third chapter that tied in the current game to Metal Gear and Solid Snake. Alas, we may never know for sure, and I can’t be sure of my sources either. So it may just be a rumor.


  Ah! I never get tired of saying (typing) that and internally screaming that at the top of my lungs . . . in my head!


I had such feels, especially during this episode. ALMOST one tear. Almost. Sauce unknown.

I had such feels, especially during this episode. ALMOST one tear. Almost.

The summer anime season has just finished and I really adored this season’s anime. I had about 14 anime I was trying to keep up with which is a lot, even for me . . . the man with no friends and who doesn’t sleep . . . which is how he watches so much anime. .  . *cough* Anyway, I ended up dropping a few like GATE and Overlord, not because they were bad, but just because I couldn’t find the time to watch.

   One of my favorites this season, which I am currently writing a review for, was Charlotte. If you’re unfamiliar with Key (company) in anime or visual novels, this will be something of a jump for most of you. Key was originally known for their H-game visual novels and later their tragic hero/heroine story lines. This one is a bit removed from their previous works, but it still had me choking down a few tears during certain episodes. And, although it was handled a lot more like Angel Beats! than I’d like, it was a very good anime and one I will recommend.

Souma's look of defiance always gave me chills. That's why I called Senpai on him this season.

Souma’s look of defiance always gave me chills. That’s why I called Senpai on him this season.

 Finally, Shokugeki no Souma‘s first 2-cour shot has ended. I can’t say I’m not sad, because I definitely am. But, I can say that I loved just about every episode and character this show had to offer. I’ll be doing a review on that as well but, I’d just like to say how much the presentation in that show kept me in awe throughout its run. Since there’s no blood, gore, fighting (physically), or full-on titillation, it had to find a way to keep people interested. I think the way the food was presented and the anticipation that came with it was what really sold the show to the populace. It’s insanely popular for a reason dammit!

. . . I still hate Shounen Jump.

  Finally(x2), I personally absolutely abhorred Umaru-chan and I will not do a review on it unless I’m allowed to absolutely eviscerate that garbage show. Seeing as how the general populace liked the show, I think it would be in bad taste to criticize it so openly without expecting backlash.

 I’d like you to know: THE PUBLIC IS WRONG!

   Anyway, that’s it for me on today Giga-Friends. I hope you have a great day and an even better week! -J.R

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