Giga-Journal: One Punch Wednesdays!

Giga-Journal: One Punch Wednesdays!

You Only Need One Punch!

Or, Just One Shovel!

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya

Wednesday, Oct. 7th

Hello again, Giga-People! How are your lives? Filled with Metals, Gears, and Solids? What a coincidence! So is mine! . . . Yeah, I know. I’m very slow when it comes to MGS.

All that matters is that my waifu is in the game. Chie #1.

All that matters is that my waifu is in the game. Chie #1.

Speaking of being slow, last year around this time, I started Persona 4 Golden. I am proud to say that I FINALLY finished it! . . . Told you I was slow. In all honesty though, I really enjoyed the game. Though I loathe to admit it, I have a bad tendency to fall in love with a game, play the crap out of it, get distracted by something else (possibly something shiny), and then completely forgetting about the game in general. Which . . . I may or may not have done with Ar NoSurge. . .  Anyway, if you’re looking for a great JRPG on the Vita, or in general, Persona 4 Golden is an amazing choice. That being said, when you finish that game, you can either fight people or dance like no one is watching!

   Is it wrong of me to want Dojima to come out and pull out some moves from Saturday Night Fever? . . .

Now all we have to do is wait until 2016 for Persona 5 to come out. . .

   Anyway, I don’t know if you’ve heard of Shovel Knight or not, but it’s an amazing game on Steam (and several other systems now). The game feels like a throw-back to all the old games we used to love when we were kids: Megaman, Mario, and even a little like Castlevania. Not only does it take what we loved about those games and add them together, but it improves upon a lot of the best points of the games while getting rid of the bad parts. It’s insanely fun and, for $14.99 USD, you could do a helluva lot worse.


Why does he use a shovel? So he can dig his enemies graves!!! . . . I'm sorry. . .

Why does he use a shovel? So he can dig his enemies graves!!! . . . I’m sorry. . .

The creators recently had a poll for all the backers of the game on which characters they’d like to see. The winners, strangely enough, were Plague Knight, Specter Knight, and King Knight. About two weeks ago now they finally added Plague Knight and you’d think it would have been a re-skin with the same ol’ story. Nu-uh, not these guys. Plague Knight plays completely different than Shovel Knight. Rather than using a shovel to block attacks or bounce off enemies, Plague Knight uses bombs to burst himself to great heights and to move quickly across the stage. He even has about 6 different fuses, casings, and styles of explosions he can use, making for an extremely deep approach on a game that looks rather shallow from the outside.

   David and I have been practicing speed runs of the game so far and have even had some fun racing recently. I don’t know if we’ll ever be good enough to go to AGDQ, but we’re having a ton of fun playing. So, in short, check out Shovel Knight and its FREE expansion!


   The only, ONLY, thing that matters this season is One Punch Man. Erase all else from your mind. Become fluid, like the water. Center yourself . . . and watch One Punch Man.

Coolest. Hero. Ever.

Coolest. Hero. Ever.

   Seriously, this is the anime to watch this season. If you haven’t heard, it’s adapted from the manga of the same name that centers around a hero, Saitama, who has become so strong that he can kill any foe with just one punch. In fact, he trained so  hard, all his hair fell out! The animation is absolutely amazing, but keeps a certain flair that makes it unique. The action is just over-the-top ridiculous and you’ll be pounding the ground with laughter before the first episode is finished. I highly suggest checking it out, and I’ll be doing an initial review on it either next week or the week after.

   The only other one I could find that was halfway decent was Mobile Suit Gundam – Iron-Blooded Orphans. Which is strange for me since I haven’t been able to stomach a Gundam series since SEED ruined everyone’s life. But, again, you can look forward to our reviews on what might me worth watching this season!

  Anyway, that’s it for me friends. I hope you have a great Wednesday and an even better rest of the week! -J.R

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