Giga-Journal: Monday Before Halloween . . . Mondays!

Giga-Journal: Monday Before Halloween . . . Mondays!

Something About Halloween and Cosplay

Or Something. . .

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Monday, Oct. 26th –

   Hello again, Giga-Friends! Much has happened this past week! Like, going to work! And then, going to work after I get off work! Also, I went to work . . . on the weekends! Yeah, I’m a regular social butterfly!

No, no we don't care if you dress like this.

No, no we don’t care if you dress like this.

   Anyway, Halloween is upon us! I’m sure that excites a lot of you. Candy, parties, alcohol, more candy, partying harder, dressing up as things that offend people! Ah, it’s basically a day where cosplay is seen as normal. It should be like that ALL the time. I want to go outside and see superheroes or anime characters just walking around. I wonder how many cosplayers treat Halloween as a crazy awesome holiday. . .? Wow, I’m really bad at talking about things that aren’t anime or games.


Ayane. Best ninja girl.

Ayane. Best ninja girl.

Speaking of games, I randomly picked up Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate. It’s basically a mix of Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, and popular characters from select games all amalgamated into on bad story! But, the story doesn’t matter! Where else can I get Ryu Hayabusa, Miyamoto Musashi, and Zhou Tai to team up and destroy leagues of demons!? NOWHERE! That’s where! I was pleasantly surprised at the additions to the game, aside from the new characters. They have a new Gauntlet mode that’s actually insanely difficult and requires more than just running and killing. You control five characters in a randomized map and you need to escape before the miasma becomes too thick and the enemies too powerful. You also have formations that boost certain stats and lend themselves to special attacks and abilities. It’s extremely fun, especially for a hack’n’slash game and I may have spent about 5 hours on it one day. . .

   That aside, I finally finished the first chapter to MGS V. All I can say is, “It made me squirm in my chair like a little girl. . .”. Very seriously, the finale to the first chapter was extremely brutal and showed Big Boss in a completely different light. I’m happy with this game.



   I’m not sure if any of you are watching either Gakusen Toushi Asterisk or Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry, but they’re basically the exact. Same. Show. One hero, many women, overpowered character, battle school-tournament. Yes, it’s that simple. Also, tsundere, loli, doredere, swords, and magic. Because any action/harem anime isn’t complete without those things. The main difference being sister-screwing. Gross.

Every shounen anime ever.

Every shounen anime ever.

  I’m going to try to do a review on both of those, but it’s going to be very hard to be objective when two shows, both with the same shitty character archetypes, are airing at the same time.  I’m honestly just fed up with the tsundere character-type. It just proves to me that the creators couldn’t think of an actual character and instead decided to use a stereotypical character trait and give it big tits. I’m not even sure if people realize that being tsundere in real life isn’t actually an attractive quality. Would you like someone berating you no matter how nice you are? Would you want someone to always hide their feelings and keep their distance from you? Would you like it if they were physically or verbally abusive? No, no you wouldn’t.

  /end rant. Sorry. After so many years of anime, you can only handle certain things for so long and tsundere is on the top of my list of things to hate. It’s a long list. . .

   Anyway, I hope you guys have a great Monday and an even better week! – J.R

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