Giga-Journal: Another Monday Mourning

Giga-Journal: Another Monday Mourning

Matsuki Miyu Passes Away, Age 38

And Other Things This Past Week

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Monday, Nov. 2nd –

Matsuki Miyu, age 38, passes away due to pneumonia.

Matsuki Miyu, age 38, passes away due to pneumonia.

   Hello again, Giga-Friends! I’m sure, as anime fans, you’ve seen the news that our dear Matsuki Miyu has passed away due to pneumonia. Playing such characters as Nishikinomyia Anna from Shimoneta, Lailah from the new Tales of Zestiria, and more notable Hisui from the Tsukihime series. When Monty Oum and Mr. Leonard Nemoy passed, I talked a lot about death, what it meant to someone as introverted as I, and how we come to deal with things like an untimely end. But, rather than dwell on the negative and feel bad, we should be celebrating her works and be thankful for all the characters she brought to life for us.

   A moment of silence, if you please.


   Now on to less morbid stuff! I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! And to all my SJW friends, I hope you were all properly offended by all the “cultural appropriation”. It was good for me too . . . even though I had to work . . . and did absolutely nothing . . . and a total of zero trick-or-treaters came to my house. . . So now I get all the candy. Like I said, “good for me”.

   In other news, don’t work two jobs. You lose your social life and stop being interesting. Sorry.



Bros make every anime better. Including Asterisk, an anime about being anime.

Bros make every anime better! That includes Asterisk, an anime about being anime.

Speaking of interesting things, One Punch Man, Noragami Aragoto, and Gundam never cease to be amazing so far. If anything, you should read my article here, so I can shamelessly self-plug myself, and definitely watch those anime. I recently tried to watch Gakusen Toshi Asterisk because watching one high school battle anime wasn’t enough, apparently. It definitely has the cooler weapons, if you’re into that, and also light sabers (again, if you’re into that). But, it pulls the “Main Character McEveryMan” card and the MC has almost no personality. The animation is quite as good as Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry, but it gets points for not having a disgusting “dry humping and making out with my sister” moment. Yeah, that happened.

   If you’re looking for something a little more . . . WTF-ish this season, Concrete Revolutio is . . . something. Insane henshin bug-man monsters! Magic-wielding high school girls! Bug-Man genocide! Shape-shifting ghosts! THINGS! SO MUCH THINGS! I couldn’t handle it because, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t follow that damn show. If you’re curious, just watch the ending animation to get an idea of the ridiculosity.

   Anyway, that’s it for me today my Giga-Friends. I hope you have a great Monday and an even better week. -J.R

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