Giga-Journal: Thanksgiving Wed- . . . Thursdays? . . . You Get The Idea

Giga-Journal: Thanksgiving Wed- . . . Thursdays? . . . You Get The Idea

The Day-Before Thanksgiving Wednesdays!

I’m Thankful For All of You!


By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Wednesday, Nov. 25th


  Hello again, Giga-Landers! Work had been another pain in the butt this week, but I’ll  always make time for you!

My adorable-as cat, for anyone wondering. His name his Happy, and he's my little buddy!

My adorable-as cat, for anyone wondering. His name his Happy, and he’s my little buddy!

I’ve recently had some pretty problems with my cat (his name is Happy, by the way) this week as well, which can probably attributed to my strange work hours. Apparently, pets can also pick up on your emotional state and federal off that. . . I guess being a nervous wreck isn’t helping him much is it? (Insert happy cat video)

  Awesome animals aside, I’ve barely been able to play Deception IV at all this pay week. Though I can say I’ve been enjoying it greatly for the short time I have been playing. It isn’t as intricate as one might think, being a game about setting up traps, but it does have a certain grotesque flair that keeps me coming back. It does have its ecchi moments, using traps like a delta horse or tentacles, but the other traps like buzzsaws or swinging axes bring home the “sacrifice human souls to demons” feel. I think it has a lot of potential, but most of that potential won’t be recognized because of the limited amount of stages or because they story gels like it was something thrown together at the last second. Either way, I dig it, so that’s what counts.




 Also, Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I just want to say I’m thankful for this site. Whether or not it’s just me, whether or not anyone reads my garbage posts/articles, and whether or not anyone even cares, I’m happy Gigaventure exists (even as a drop of what it once was). People tend to think me a liar when I say that I truly love to write. I don’t find doing things like this “work” or “annoying”. Writing helps me to put my normally garbled thoughts in order and it helps sort out some things that I might be having trouble with. And, most of all, Gigaventure wouldn’t exist without the people who view it, you guys, my Giga-Friends.

 So, thanks to you, my Giga-Pals, I appreciate you for just being alive and I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful even if you don’t have Turkey.




Saitama: Strong in more ways than one.

Saitama: Strong in more ways than one.

 I keep saying this, but if you aren’t watching One Punch Man, you are definitely missing out. Episodes seven really brought to the forefront his Saitama feels about being a hero and just how steeled he is to continue down this path. I’m actually watching this with my brother every well and this is the first time my brother and I have watched a weekly anime together. See? It can bring families together! It’s just that good!

 Randomly, I decided to keep watching Cavalry until it disappoints me, regardless of how quick I think it will be. It’s done a great job on the fight scenes so far, so it definitely gets points for that. But,m having a hard time getting attached to any of the charters and send up referring to them by their respective tropes instead. I suggest checking it out if you just absolutely need something extra to watch this season and One Punch Man and Gundam isn’t enough for you.


  Anyway, that’s it for me today, Giga-People. I hope you have a great day, and an even better week! -J.R
P.S Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

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