Giga-Journal: Throwback Thursday Part 2 Terror Edition

Giga-Journal: Throwback Thursday Part 2 Terror Edition

Hey there Gigalanders! Once again it’s Thursday and it’s Intern’s time again! Of course we’ll continue where we left off but let’s take it easy for a bit since it is the day before Halloween. If you’re somehow stuck home on Halloween giving out candy to kids or just finished partying up and want to relax, here are a list of some anime shows, shorts, or movies you can watch to fulfill your share of scares, tense moments or full on gore.

Yami Shibai –

Attack on Titan –

Elfen Lied –

Ghost Hunt –

Gantz –

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni –

Highschool of the Dead –

If you don’t want a scare but are in the Halloween spirit, I recommend Little Witch Academia. Trust me, this is the only ova I need to list for this section. GO WATCH IT.

Anyways let’s continue our anime list. I have sadly not been up-to-date with all the new series out but I can name at least name four titles similar to last week including a special series since the group had such a big discussion about the franchise last night. You’ll just have to wait for me to finish catching up with the rest of the animes but for now, let’s get right to it. SCUMBAG INTERN


Amagi Brilliant Park

The Not So Happiest Place on Earth

Don’t let the picture fool you. It’s accurate within a context but quite deceiving. Amagi Brilliant Park follows Kanie Seiya, a former child star and now perfectionist, as he is suddenly dragged to a theme park by newly transferred student Sento Isuzu. Seeing how lacking the staff is and how horrible the park looks, Seiya is tasked by the park’s leader Princess Latifa not Queen Latifa to attract two hundred and fifty thousand guests to the park or else it will be shut down…Did I mention that most of the park’s staff are real fairies and live off of the happiness people or else they disappear? In other words, it would be as if Disneyland and all their characters were all real life and needed your happiness to continue existing…TAKE MY HAPPINESS DISNEYLAND. Anyways this series is a great change of pace and presents such a wonderful scenario. So far the series has been very fun and the characters are all very likable and give their personalities enough room for growth. To also see Bonta-kun from Full Metal Panic Fumoffu back in action is quite the sight to see…especially when he shares the same voice as Saber from Fate/Stay Night.


Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

Oh god, my high school years of band are all coming back.

Oh god, my high school years of band are all coming back.

Yay! A music anime! Kimi Uso starts us off by playing a beautiful piano piece only to have it abruptly stop. Arima Kousei was a piano prodigy at age eight until his mother, also his teacher, pass away due to sickness. Traumatized by his mother’s death, Kousei could never hear the sound of the piano since then. Having to go through much misunderstandings and tricked into revisiting the concert scene, Kousei meets Kaori, a violinist that breaks the boundaries of music and plays freely through her interpretation. With no one else to turn to for an accompanist, Kaori seeks Kousei’s help to give the audience an unforgettable sound of freedom. Once again, I am very satisfied with the premise with the story. However, I have a gripe with our other two main characters Tsubaki and Ryouma. To have friends that would force you to play piano even though you have PTSD connected to it really irks me. Yeah, I know that he would have to get over his trauma to play eventually but to go to such lengths in a way that might make matters even though they don’t care if he plays anymore really disturbs me. It will satisfy me when Tsubaki realizes her feelings for Kousei and ultimately lose in the end. BWAHAHA…I think I might be messed up too…


Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

Is this really just another damn shoujo?

To be quite honest, I picked this series up because it reminded me of Sukitte Ii na yo…it really does seem very similar. In order to fit in with a couple of friends she made in class, Shinohara Eriko lies about several aspects of her life; particularly about having a boyfriend. Claiming that a boy she took a picture of is her boyfriend, she realizes that he is the school’s popular prince charming named Sata Kyouya. Desperate, Eriko let’s him in on the situation and begs him to pretend only to realize that he has a cold-hearted personality. Eriko now has to endure being Kyouya’s dog in order to keep her secret. The plot is kind of similar to Kaichou wa Maid-sama. They don’t fail to show the great character interactions though. But after seeing Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun, I have notice some rehashed shojo troupes used though it doesn’t bother me. The great thing I love about these kinds of series however is the interaction between the hero and heroine. Even though they are at an odds with each other, I will enjoy these two characters falling for each other.


and last but not least our special series…


Kamen Rider Drive


Still within the Kamen Rider spirit, I couldn’t just leave it out off my talks about this season’s shows. After getting his partner hurt during a near end of the world event known as the “Global Freeze”, police officer Tomari Shinnosuke joins the Special Crimes Investigations team that looks in to a new world phenomena developed since the Global Freeze known as Density Shifts aka Slowdowns. Shinnosuke must now investigate the mystery behind Density Shifts and the monsters that “coincidentally” appear during these events with his newly acquired belt to transform into the warrior known as Drive.  The show to come out after a really successful show like Gaim usually would never live up to it’s greatness. Drive however is succeeding Gaim very well. It has only been four episodes in and I already love the series. Shinnosuke’s character is great as he can go in to a slump, lazy state to a bad ass to get the job done. Even our supporting characters such as Kiriko finally step in and help during the action. The action as well is simply amazing. To the fights FINALLY happening on the road more often to that over the top but epic rider kick, it can get very entertaining. To top it all off, we now have a sentient, talking belt! His voice is perfect for the occasion and the little faces he makes is simply too good.


That about wraps up my rant for this weeks Giga-Journal. I may finish up my list of animes this season depending on if I catch up on each one of them. But until then, see you guys next time! Happy Halloween! BWAHAHAHAHA

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