Giga-Journal: FREEDOM Tuesdays!

Giga-Journal: FREEDOM Tuesdays!

Going Back Down to One Job

and More Importantly .  .  .

New Anime!

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Monday, Jan. 12th

Power to the what now?

Power to the what now?

   Hello again my Giga-Friends! I hope you are all doing well today! This week is pretty great for me, honestly. Aside from being insanely tired with not nearly enough sleep, Thursday will be my last day at GameStop which also happens to be my second job. I can’t say I’m sad about leaving, but I will miss my co-workers (for the most part). Working in retail is tantamount to insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. You can explain about something till you’re blue in the face and the customer will never understand. Worse yet, the customer behind them will ask the same inane question! Hell, I’ve had someone come in the Tuesday AFTER Black Friday and yell at us because we wouldn’t give him the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals!

More than I can explain this subject, I think Domics does it better:

In short, I’m glad I worked at GameStop. You all know I love video games. I’ve written about them, love to talk about them, and I can never get enough. But, apparently (stupid) humans and I will very rarely see eye-to-eye. I will sorely miss my co-workers though. I wish them nothing but the best. Heaven knows they deserve better.


The new season has finally started! Not all of the shows have aired yet, and I haven’t had a chance to watch more than a few because of time constraints. But, I’m always excited for a new season of anime! Pandora’s Box or not, it’s like opening a new gift on Christmas to me.

Limbo done right, anime style! Musaigen no Phantom World!

So far, I’ve had a chance to watch Dimension W which is somewhat analogous to Darker Than Black in that it’s a futuristic sci-fi/thriller. It’s action-packed and introduces Earth to a new dimension, the W-axis, that provides endless energy to all its inhabitants. Along with this new dimension comes the misuse of its power and how the characters deal with those hoodlums.

And the second one I checked was Musaigen no Phantom World which, despite some of the gifs you’ve seen of the limbo-ing heroine, is about perception and reality. I love KyoAni and picked it up only because they were doing it, but I’m glad I check it out. It’s more of a comedy with action elements that sometimes challenges how your perception of the world around you can change what you see and think. It might get a bit deeper, but only time will tell! At least both of those were fun to watch.

Anyway, that’s it for me today my Giga-Friends! I hope you have a great Monday and an even better week! -J.R

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