Giga-Journal: UnderTale Tuesday!

Giga-Journal: UnderTale Tuesday!

I Found This Totally Awesome Game That NO ONE is Talking About. . .

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Tuesday, Jan. 19th

  Hello again, Giga-Friends! I hope you are all doing well, especially the few that had yesterday off, like me. Not that I’m boasting or anything, it’s just really, really nice to not have to work on a holiday for once. I’m not gonna lie though, I totally gelled out.

It . . . It's not like the cactus likes you or anything!

It . . . It’s not like the cactus likes you or anything!

   So, that’s why I picked up this game that no one anywhere has ever heard of before. Ever. Called Undertale. If you happen to be a friend of the console games and haven’t heard of this gem, it’s absolutely amazing so far, even though I’m only about an hour or two in. It stars, well, You. A lost child who has fallen deep into the “Ruins” where monsters have lived for a very, very long time in an attempt to escape the humans. In these ruins, it’s “kill or be killed” and the first enemy you fight makes sure to teach you that lesson as soon as possible. It plays like an old-school RPG in battle where you see the monsters and can choose to attack, use items, escape, or spare the enemy. The kicker is how you defend; you take control of a small heart and it becomes Touhou-like bullet-hell where you to dodge some . . . unique attacks to not take damage.

  It’s an extremely emotional, upliftingly hilarious, and thought-provoking game that I am already highly suggesting to everyone with Steam and/or a computer. In that order. I’ve taken the role of the nice-guy this time around and plan on doing a 100% mercy route where I don’t kill any monsters or bosses. It’s difficult, but I’m already enjoying my choice. I’ve also never wanted to date a skeleton so badly before. . .


I'll just leave this here. . .

I’ll just leave this here. . .

  So, I’ve had a taste of a lot of anime this season and I’m already enjoying myself immensely. I think my top anime so far has to be Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (The Town Where I’m Not) in that it’s an extremely well thought-out mystery with a very small sci-fi element thrown in. It’s very dark, to say the least, but it tends to stay on the lighter side when kids are involved and has been executed exceedingly well so far. I highly suggest checking out this anime, even if you’re not a fan of mystery.

   Secondly, I had a chance to check out the first episode of Ajin last night as well. To keep it short, it was like watching an action movie that kept my adrenaline kicking and my heart pumping almost the entire time. If you like action stuff, this one is definitely a good bet. I already really enjoy the artwork as well, and am glad that they decided to step away from the humdrum anime style that’s been taking over.

Anyway, that’s it for me today, Giga-Buddies! I hope you have a great day and an even better week! -J.R

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