Giga-Journal: Korean MMO Monday!

Giga-Journal: Korean MMO Monday!

True, Actual, Xeno-Phobia

Like, Fear of Actual Xeno-forms!


By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Monday, Feb. 1st

The scope of Xenoblade's landscapes is sometimes staggering. It's enormous and insanely fun to explore!

The scope of Xenoblade’s landscapes is sometimes staggering. It’s enormous and insanely fun to explore!

   Hello again my Giga-Landers! And Happy Deadpool Month! Yeah, that’s right! Screw that whole “Valentine’s” thing! This month, and that particular day, are all about Deadpool! Not . . . not because I don’t have a girlfriend or a date or anything. . .!

  Anyway, I finally had a chance to catch up on Xenoblade Chronicles X and it is honestly a fantastic game! The character creation might not be as in-depth as a lot of other games out there, but it looks absolutely stunning, especially for a WiiU game. The story, which involved Earth being destroyed within the first five minutes, is very good but also very sparse. But, to make up for the long gaps in-between story missions, there are just a myriad of quests, heart-to-hearts, and affinity missions you can do in between to really tie the characters into the story. The online play isn’t fantastic, you can’t -actually- invite your friends to do a quest online together, but the gameplay and different battle styles makes up for a lot of the online misses. Though, there’s always a meta. . .


Blade and . . . and . . . what was I talking about again?

Blade and . . . and . . . what was I talking about again?

Other than Xenoblade X, my friends and I have started playing Blade and Soul the new (hyper-sexualized) free Korean MMO available now. I highly suggest finding a buddy or two to play with, because grinding by yourself can be a bit of a chore. But, doing dailies with some friends can make the levels go by very quickly. Plus, making fun of the abysmal story and half-assed voice over with your buds can make it that much more funny! Check it out if you have some free time, and an above average computer, on your hands!


   I’ve talked about Boku Dake ga Inai Machi a lot since it first started, and it continues to attack me right in the heart. It making me feel feelings that I shouldn’t have! Joking aside, the show is spectacularly written and certainly keeps you on edge with its crescendos coming from left field. In fact, I’m so emotionally distraught right now, I can’t even talk about it! *drama*

I really just dig the artwork for Grimgar.

I really just dig the artwork for Grimgar.

  If you haven’t heard of this seemingly passed-over anime yet, Hai to Gensou no Grimgar is a pretty good show too. It’s, in a word, melancholic. Several teenagers and young adults wake up in a world called “Grimgar” without any knowledge from their time before entering the new world. Taking on jobs like they would in a normal RPG game (e.g Warrior, Thief,  etc. . . ) the group strives to survive in a world where “kill or be killed” is one of the few rules they have. It shows how hard it could be to make a living in an RPG world and that killing isn’t second nature to most people. The artwork is much different, using watercolors and unaligned brush strokes to paint a picture that is imperfect, yet almost perfect at the same time. Beauty in contrast and all that! If you like Log Horizon, I highly suggest checking it out when you can!

   Anyway, that’s it for me today, Giga-Friends! I hope you have a great Monday and an even better week! -J.R

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