Freaked-out friday: aka Happy Halloween!!!

Freaked-out friday: aka Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween! Whether you’re like me and an in-between introvert/extrovert, or you’re still going out trick-or-treat-ing – it is a day of grand costumes and apparently, slow sales at work. It made the day drag on!!

That said, I am in-between going out in an hour or so, and just playing some Evil Within — that scary game!!!

Lords of the fallen looks interesting, though I’m tempted to do a “try before I buy” thing, and get it from a gamestop with a good return policy, or borrow it or some other method.

I lost 6 pounds this week!!! I was super duper excited!!! That means I am well on my way to my goal, and at this rate I’ll be at my goal weight in a few weeks!

That means I might finally be able to sit around and relax and play Warlords of Draenor when it comes out in a couple weeks.

I’m actually really looking forward to AC:Unity and Warlords, and I hope to expand the GGV stream to showcase both games.

What would really make you watch a gigastream? would you prefer it more Mega64 style, more hilarity and stage stuff or more focused on actual gameplay?!

In any case, thursday nights will be suspended as my schedule isn’t regular enough to support it at this moment, however I will likely turn this into a Convention game — and I’m super stoked and looking forward to Kingdom-Con!!!

So to sum up, I’ve got some good games to look forward to, some good friends to hang out with, work is good, and my weight is on track!

Now to just meet a cute girl and make those guys say “Dang, I wish she wasn’t a lesbian!” lol


Thanks for joining me, and if you wanna get to my stream directly, you can visit — although I’ll also be streaming on too!!!


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