Giga-Journal: Getting Over the Flu Thursdays!

Giga-Journal: Getting Over the Flu Thursdays!

Crystal Kids and Demi-Humans

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Thursday, March 10th

   Hello again my Giga-Friends! I hope you’re having a wonderful week! At least, much better than mine!

   As you can tell, I am ever-so-slightly late this week, but I have a legitimate reason this time! I had the flu. .  . Yes, yes I know. They have a shot for that. My reason for not getting one? . . . Well, you know . . . Illuminati reasons. Tin-foil hats, gov’t secrets, and splinter cells. Make sense yet?

-Not- a scene from a popular magical girl show~!

-Not- a scene from a popular magical girl show~!

   Anyway, during my painful fight with that unfortunate virus, I didn’t have much energy to do anything other than lose my lunch and sleep. While not doing either of those, I ended up catching up on Steven Universe. Surprisingly, the show is charmingly fun. I’d only seen a few episodes of the show prior to this past weekend, most of which were shown to me by my friends. My biggest misconception was about Steven’s father whom I’d assumed was a lousy good-for-nothing beatnik who never took care of his son. But, the show not only proved me wrong but also proved it was deeper on an emotional scale by showing how Steven’s father gave up everything, including a budding rock career, to be with his mother. Steven Universe doesn’t really go out of its way to be nostalgic, but it’s one of the most effective parts of the show regardless. Using old-school magical girl show tropes and throwing in some archaic lingo for the older cartoon watching generation (like us), it plays like a successful children’s’ movie that is childish enough for kids to enjoy, but deep enough (and, let’s face it, immature enough) to keep adults interested as well. I suggest checking it out if you get the chance!


   Have I mentioned how great Boku Dake ga Inai Machi is yet? Because it’s great. Fantastic even. And you should be watching it. Now. This instant.

 6da6444f8b3f3314e4547860d5fcb290  One I haven’t talked about yet is Ajin (Demi-Human). It’s a show about, well, Demi-Humans. This new species of immortals have become the target of larger populations interests. Being immortal is one thing, but having the ability to seemingly tear someone limb-from-limb without so much as a twitch of your muscle is on a whole new level. The Ajin are hunted and held captive by the obviously corrupt government where they are either tested on, or tortured. This is were our protagonist, Nagai Kei, shows up . . . as an Ajin. The show is very dark and seems intent on making you hate humans more than you should . . . or already do? But, it plays out a bit like an 80’s action/suspense movie and is more about Kei and his friend on the run than it is about character or story development. Though, I’m still watching and if you’re into sci-fi/action stuff like that, you’ll likely want to give it a shot at least!

  Anyway, I know it’s short, but that’s it for me today! Gonna go sleep off the rest of this flu. .  . Have a great Thursday and an even better rest of the week!

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