Giga-Journal: *CENSORED* Mondays!

Giga-Journal: *CENSORED* Mondays!

Even MORE Things That Make Me Mad!

And Also Anime!

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Monday, April 18th

   Hello and Good Monday Giga-Friends! I hope your week is starting out swell as mine is! Just got back from the vet and found out my little rescue cat is doing just fine and dandy!

Bravely Second Cover Art.

Bravely Second Cover Art.

  Sadly, I’m barely trudging through Bravely Default‘s incessant fetch quests at this time, even though Bravely Second has just been released. But, with all the articles I’ve been reading, I think I’m going to go ahead and cancel my pre-order for it. After some fuss about the in-game outfits, I looked into it some more and found an interesting article about the censorship here. And, not only are the censoring some in-game outfits, they are literally removing pages from the artbook. Literal. Art. Censorship. I genuinely don’t care about other peoples’ likes and/or tastes, so whatever you consider “art” is on you personally. But, literally removing art for the sake of some empty-minded peace-keeping attempt is just as stupid as it sounds and forces me to lose faith in Nintendo as a company. It hasn’t worked in history prior, and I’d appreciate it if they wouldn’t repeat the same mistakes.

As a Native American myself (Apache), I don't see anything wrong with the outfit on the right. Yet, someone did!

As a Native American myself (Apache), I don’t see anything wrong with the outfit on the right. Yet, someone did!

Secondly, they’ve removed any choice form the sidequests which now all end in the “everyone is happy, so everything is O.K” finale. Which I’m sure RPG-ers love, to not be given any stock in the story whatsoever! While I haven’t looked at any of the dialogue to see if it suffered any of the horrendous meme-ridden faux-pas as Fire Emblem Fates, I can only hope it has been kept intact for the gamers’ sake. . .

Enough raging, though. It just heats me up when things like that happen. Another game I’m anticipating is Tales of Berseria coming to Japan in August. But, after reading some of the articles about it, it seems that I have to play Tales of Zestiria as the two are in the same world. . . Which begs the question: Why not name it ToZ2? I wonder if ToZ was such a flop that they had to make some distance in order to placate any negativity from the previous title. . .? But, speculation will only be just that: speculation. Though, it also makes me wonder why ToZ is getting an anime. .  .


Lessons I learned from this anime: Cleaning trash makes you stronger than everyone else.

Lessons I learned from this anime: Cleaning trash makes you stronger than everyone else.

I finally had a chance to watch some new anime this season! There are a lot of fun ones to watch this time around but one of my top picks, which you’ve likely already heard about, is Boku no Hero Academia. The story of a young man with no powers trying to become a hero in a world with super-powered villains on the loose. This little man, whose only dream was to be a hero, is often picked on and berated because he has no powers. But, that won’t stop him from being a “hero fanboy” and learning all he can so he can attend Japan’s foremost hero academy! The first two episodes alone are emotional, to say the least, but they also show off a lot of good action as well. I highly suggest checking it out, for whatever genre you’re into, just because it’s fun to watch!

P.S I Suggest watching Koutetsujou no Kabaneri. People who say it’s a rip-off of Attack on Titan clearly haven’t done any research as they have the SAME director and artists doing this show. Art similarities and feel will obviously be present. Watch for yourself and then find out.

Anyway, that’s it for me today Giga-Landers! I hope you have a great day and an even better week!

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