Giga-Journal: Good Dog Monday!

Giga-Journal: Good Dog Monday!

Some Metals, Some Gears, And Some Stuff That Isn’t So Solid

Also, Anime!

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Monday, April 25th

   Hello again my Giga-Friends! I hope you are doing well on this fine Monday! I know I am because. . . After a slow, 7 month trek through the months, I have finally finished Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pains!

Good Dog, D.D. Good dog.

   The game itself wasn’t anywhere near perfect, but it had a strangely strong impact during the (important) story missions. The second to last mission by itself made me quiver with fear and the (almost) silent main character that Snake turned into ended up being perfect for that particular scene. Putting the metaphorical gun in your hands, making you the main character for certain scenes, really plays a powerful role in the overall story. In the end, it had a very “Kojima-esque” finale that left a strong impression on me and I highly suggest it for people who haven’t played it yet. I could certainly do without the gobs of mirror image side missions that sent you to the same few spots, over and over doing the same mission. Even some main story missions used the “rescue this guy” or “kill that jerk” plot that really didn’t effect the story at all and should have been used for side-ops. You could definitely tell they were hurting for time at the end there because several missions are the exact same but with an “Extreme” or “Perfect Stealth” added to the name; probably just to add extra play time to the game. After all is said and done though, I highly enjoyed it and am sad to see Kojima leave.


Rocket Soccer! Rock-er!? Sock-et!? . . . Rocket League!

Rocket Soccer! Rock-er!? Sock-et!? . . . Rocket League!

  Speaking of games, I finally broke down and bought Rocket League this past weekend on Steam. The only reason being is because it was on sale. . . I am quite the penny pincher. I have several years of experience playing soccer and a about the same amount of experience playing with remote controlled cars . . . but not together. Which might explain why I’m so bad at the game. But, if you have friends to play with, the game is insanely fun even if you lose. It’s even great for a quick pick-up if you only have a few minutes to play as matches are only 5 minutes long. Consider checking it out!



Subaru, meet Puck. He is adorable and he likes ladies. Also, he is adorable!

Subaru, meet Puck. He is adorable and he likes ladies. Also, he is adorable!

   I finally got all my test anime watching done with! There is certainly a lot of good anime this season, a few which I have already done an article on here (shameless plug), and I’m hoping to find time to watch all the things I want. But, one anime stuck out as particularly strange to me: Big Order. Barring the stupid name, it had me completely lost for the entire first episode. While Re:Zero was able to pull off a Groundhog’s Day idea extremely well, this did the exact opposite and literally made us watch the same exact scene three times in one episode. With minor differences, of course. I hoping the second episode gets a little better because the first one had a great way of pushing people away. Hell, some parts even showed JoJo-like powers where people were summoning things akin to “Stands”. But, hey, maybe I’m off my rocker and people familiar with the source material love it?

  Speaking of Re:Zero though, I highly suggest giving that a watch. If you hadn’t guessed from my article, I was very happy with how it played out. Quite the opposite of Big Order, it played every timeline out differently to give us a feel for all the characters while still exploring the setting and story at a good pace. The fight scenes are absolutely spectacular and the cinematography and shots used during those parts is beyond words. Episode 4’s finale should prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt. If you want a good fantasy anime this season, that’s what I would recommend.

  Anyway, that’s it for me today Giga-Landers. I hope you have a great day and an even better week! -J.R

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