Giga-Journal: Puck-Mascot Monday!

Giga-Journal: Puck-Mascot Monday!

Games I (Finally) Beat

And Some Not-So-Good Ones I’ve (Re)Started

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Monday, May 2nd

   Hello again on this fine Monday, mu Giga-Friends! It seems my streak for beating games is still on a roll!

JOLLY COOPERATION! If only I could be so grossly incandescent. . .

Dark Souls in a nutshell.
If only I could be so grossly incandescent. . .

   Having finally finished MGS V: TPP, I continued on to beat Dark Souls 1 as well! I know, I know. You’re all thinking how great I am at video games! Well, I can’t take all the credit. My buddy David and I ran most of the game together with the help of a small connectivity mod, allegedly. I really enjoyed it, despite how much salt it caused me. The way the story is told through all the items you find, rather than through a straightforward narrative makes it unique and interesting. I loved being able to put all the pieces together for myself and trying to figure out what had happened to Gwyn and his family. Thankfully for me, David was there to fill in the pieces I missed or overlooked which made it that much more fun. I say”helped”, but what I mean is that he loved to watch me run into a fight head first and die . . . a lot. Though I did deprive him of seeing me die to a mimic for the first time, so I can understand.

  Moving on to new games, I -finally- decided to pick up Tales of Zestiria again after almost a year. Though I am playing in English this time . . . and from the beginning again . . . most of what I remember from the game seems to be intact. Though, that isn’t actually a good thing. The, er, “wayward” camera is still infuriating beyond measure. I am by no means bad at these games. In fact, I usually play on the hardest difficulty because I love the challenge. But, this game just does not provide an environment or give you the tools to enjoy a more severe difficulty. The A.I might be as bad as Tales of Vesperia‘s and the battle/equipment system is just downright annoying. But, I will persevere! Maybe the story will get slightly better? At least I have Edna to keep me entertained.


Re:Zero's best character, Puck. He is the best Puck.

Re:Zero’s best character, Puck. He is the best Puck.

   I feel like I may have talked about Re:Zero kara Hajimerua Isekai Seikatsu (Re: Life in A Different World From Zero) before, but I am really loving this show so far. I’d go so far as to say that it’s my BokuMachi for this season! There are a ton of twists and turns in the show that really keep you on your feet, but it’s coupled with a good sense of original humor that makes it intensely fun. I’d definitely check it out, or my super-duper article on it, if you’re in to fantasy shows at all.

   Another strange mystery show I’ve been watching is Mayoiga (Lost Village). It’s an odd show about 20 or so people who “want to start life over in a new place”. The only normal people, obviously, is our main character and his best friend. But, the rest of the group seems extremely intent on never returning to their former lives. The second and third episodes alone show off how damaged and . . .  insane some of these people are. If you like mysteries, I’d definitely give this one a shot. It definitely has my attention.

  Anyway, that’s it for me today, Giga-Landers! I hope you have a great Monday and an even better week! -J.R

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