Giga-Journal: Memory Loss Monday!

Giga-Journal: Memory Loss Monday!

Even MORE Games I’ve Finished Recently!

Also, Some Anime You Should Be Watching

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Monday, May 23rd

   Hello again my Giga-Friends! I hope you are doing well today, as always, and that you didn’t miss me too much this last week. . .! I may have forgotten to post an article last week . . . maybe!

   Anyway, I wasn’t busy doing nothing! I had to . . . play this game! And ya’ know . . . do that thing! That wasn’t writing. . . I’m sorry.

I just didn't want to look for another pic for this game . . . have a cover.

I just didn’t want to look for another pic for this game . . . have a cover.

   Though, I have been keeping myself busy, between looking for new jobs and negotiating old ones. I’ve finally finished Tales of Zestiria, a game that has brought me much pain and torment. As many of our readers will know, I am a fan of the “Tales of” series and have been for quite some time. Dating all the way back to first U.S release of Tales of Destiny for the Playstation, I’ve been somewhat enamored with the series for some reason or another. But, ToZ has been nothing but a disappointment from a couple hours in to the final moments of the credits. I’ve talked about this game before and how it does no justice as an allegory for the King Arthur legend and how the battle-system is complete garbage, so I won’t bore you with a second helping of salt. Just know that I was disappointed with how the story, and -all- of the characters, were handled and I would not suggest it to anyone who is fond of JRPGs.

   Though, I’m currently working on an article for that too. I DO NOT SUFFER FOR NOTHING!

   Alongside that particular game, I’ve been playing Dark Souls 2 with my co-writer David. Thankfully, I seem to have gotten slightly better at the game! That, or my using David as a shield might be helping more than I thought. . . I still need to “git gud”. In terms of fighting, DS2 seems to be better than it’s prior title. But, in terms of story so far, it’s not nearly interesting. But, I’ve been told the DLC chapters add quite a bit of context to the world, so I’ll be looking forward to that. In the meantime, I’ll be practicing my parries so David will stop laughing at me!




I've been waiting my whole life for this event to flag . . . still waiting. . .

I’ve been waiting my whole life for this event to flag . . . still waiting. . .

Speaking of dying a lot; I hope you guys are watching Re:Zero. It’s definitely my favorite show this season and these last two episodes (six and seven) have almost brought me to tears. Subaru is very much a human character, albeit nerdy and “anime-d” up, but his speech and emotional outbursts are very . . . man-like. I respect a man who can cry, though. I genuinely don’t want to ruin it for anyone, but please just watch the first episode at least!

  On a lighter note, I’ve also been watching Anne Happy. A slice-of-life/comedy about a very, very unlucky group of girls going to school for, erm, “Happiness Training”. Our three main characters seem to be the epitome of “bad luck” anime tropes in the most hilarious way. Do you remember those kids in shows who are always sick? Well, Botan is -so- sick, she breaks her bones at the slightest misstep or finger jam! Do you remember those teenage angst-filled unrequited love stories? Well, Ruri is in love with . . . well, something that can’t exactly love her back. It’s a hilarious hyperbole that takes a jab at all the “conveniently bad lucked” anime tropes that are out there. If you want something lighter, uplifting, and funny I would highly suggest giving it a try!

   Anyway, that’s it for me today, Giga-Friends! I hope you have a great Monday, and an even better week! -J.R

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