Giga-Journal: After EVO Monday!

Giga-Journal: After EVO Monday!

EVO 2016, Hype, and Salt!


By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Monday, July 18th

   Hello again Giga-Friends! I hope you are doing well and your salt is at a minimum level on this fine Monday!

   July truly is an awesome month for all sorts of everythings! We start with Anime Expo, coupled with Rooster Teeth Expo, move on to Summer Games Done Quick, jump straight into EVO, and then end with Comic-Con. For everyone who likes anything at all, July is an awesome month to be alive.

“Download Complete.” -Infiltration

  Speaking of, EVO 2016 ended last night on an extremely high note. Street Fighter 5 was even popular enough to have been aired on ESPN2. That’s right: E-SPORTS! But, that aside, EVO was rife with surprises and salt. On a completely unrelated note, I might be in the salt mines now. HungryBox, one of my favorite Super Smash Bros. Melee players finally won an EVO tournament with his patented Jigglypuff moves. Fighting his way up from the losers bracket to beat Armada (Sweden) with a very difficult, but very hype, final match. Both players should be proud of their skill.

  Oh, I guess ChrisG won Marvel vs. Capcom. Thankfully, no one likes him and he can leave forever now. /totally not bias.

  Street Fighter 5 was truly something to behold, though. Even though only Nash, Chun-li and Mika players were in the finals, it was still the most anticipated (and watched) series of EVO. Last years Street Fighter 4 winner, Infiltration, won this year’s SFV tournament with a fraud-inducing victory from the losers bracket. “Download Complete.” was his opening statement. That is all.

  If you like competitive fighting games, EVO really is a spectacle. I highly suggest jumping on to YouTube in a few days or so to see the “hypest” moments of EVO. You might get sucked in like I did.


   Amaama to Inazuma continues to melt my heart with its adorable and familial antics. I can’t recommend it enough for comedy/slice-of-life lovers.

I just realizes this, but. . . There certainly are a lot of females in this show.

  I ended up picking another anime called Taboo Tattoo, just because of its silly name. Much like the title, though, it started out pretty silly and somewhat low budget. That is, until they got to the fight scenes. Fluid and suspensful, with a dash of anime, those particular scenes were absolutely stellar. I learned from a friend of mine, one Jabroni Pictures, that fight scenes shouldn’t be about whatever you think is the coolest. Fights need to be fluid and they need to follow an organic motion or pattern. There’s a particular art in being able to sense what moves will come after one another, and this anime does that very well. It may just be first episode hype, but if you like the shounen genre, fights especially, you might pick this one up just like me.

   Anyway, that’s it for me my Giga-Landers. I need to go dig myself out of the salt mines that EVO put me in. I hope you have a great Monday and an even better week! -J.R

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