Giga-Journal: Finally On Time for a Memorable Monday!

Giga-Journal: Finally On Time for a Memorable Monday!

Fate Grand/Order Is Awesome and You Should Play It!

Re:Zero Was Awesome And You Should Watch It!

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Monday, Sept. 19th

Hello again, my Giga-Friends! I hope you’re doing well on this gloomy weather Monday! I’m swell because, gloomy weather is just another reason for me to stay inside and not be judged for it! Take THAT nay-Sayers!

Grand/Order’s Scatach of Gaelic mythology. BEST SHISHOU EVER!

Anyway, I’ve been hard at work trying to find a new job because money is great, but in between my jobs search I’ve been getting more into the mobile game Fate Grand/Order. Who’d-a thunk it!? Me and mobile games!? Anyway, FGO takes place before another impending Holy Grail War in the future. Sadly, before any of your comrades get a chance to even attempt to participate, they are caught in an accident. The game takes place as you go through time, fixing past Holy Grail Wars, Wars in general, and Bro around with Francis Drake. Joking aside, this is definitely one of the better mobile games around, especially compared to others in the same genre. It lays out a good story with some of Nasu’s trademark characters and comedy to fill up a large gap between the previous Fate game and the HOPEFULLY inevitable Tsukihime remake. The catch? . . . It’s only in Japanese. If you can read a bit of Japanese, or recognize some of the characters, there IS a fan translation out there that’s being worked on. So hopefully you can find that if you start playing! *wink wink*

Other than that, I’ve been swinging away at the giant Aragami in God Eater: Resurrection lately as well. While the story is intriguing, it doesn’t take itself as seriously as it should and tends to blow through the talking and/or exposition scenes with the speed of greased lightning. The game only really shines when it’s being played in multi-player format. But, at a brisk price of FREE, I’m not too down on the game for its shortcomings.


You’ve likely heard that some epic anime have already ended this past weekend. One of them being Re:Zero, another being Berserk.

Felis: IT’S A TRAP!!

Re:Zero was home to a lot of quick changes in momentum and often changed up the feel of the anime as to keep the watchers on their toes. And while the show has a story that’s overall interesting, it tends to gloss over certain aspects or completely shut out certain characters that were prominent figures only minutes before. So, the anime had a way of tossing characters around like marionettes in a puppet show and, what’s worse, Subaru’s performance may have been a little too nuanced for a lot of peoples’ taste. Subaru goes from lovable and relateable, to pitiful, to scumbag, to downright insane, and a lot of the choices he makes don’t often make sense in the viewers’ eyes. But, I believe the point of was not to grow with Subaru, but to watch him go from sane, to insane, and back again. So, watching him grow . . . I guess is my point. All in all, I really liked it and I really hope it gets a season two.

  Berserk, on the other hand, ended up being one of the worse ones this season. That may be largely due in part to how terrible it looked and its difficult to get past that sour note alone. Sadly, the final episode didn’t really do much for me either. Objectively, it did what it needed to do. Subjectively, it was terrible and I wish it had been paced and planned differently. But, to each hiswn, I guess. . .

 Anyway, that’s it for me Giga-Landers. I hope you have a great Monday and an even better week! -J.R

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