Giga-Jounral: Taco Tuesday! . . .?

Giga-Jounral: Taco Tuesday! . . .?

Losing More Sleep Over MMOs

And Awesome Anime That Just Ended!

By: Head WriterJustin Tafoya


Monday, Sept. 27th

   Hello again my Giga-Landers! I hope you’re all doing well this week! Here in San Diego, Fall has just “started” and it’s a cool 100-something degrees! Ah, my sinus thanks you, San Diego!

Also, new loli cat-girls! And stuff. I guess. If you’re into that. . . Weirdos.

  On a different note, I’d like to apologize for missing yesterday. Had some Church-stuff to do with the family, and pictures to be taken. And, before you ask, “No” I will not share the pictures with you. I care too much about your beautiful little eyes to show them -this- ugly mug! HA! Self burn.

  On a tertiary note, Final Fantasy XIV just dropped it’s new update (3.4) this morning. As always, a huge boom in players has attacked all servers, and people are already clearing the end game content! Yours Truly, has been looking for a job! . . . While doing this new content! . . . The servers where shut down for a good 26 or-so hours to prep, or whatever, all I know is we couldn’t play. Thankfully, they’ve added a whole new slew of things like dungeons, raids, bosses, apartments for losers like me, aquariums for this loser’s apartment, and obviously new story missions! After the finale to the “DragonSong War” saga, I’m actually excited to see what happens next. With the “Warriors of Darkness” as the apparent new villains, I’m curious to see how the story will unfold this time! Even if there are about a hundred fetch quests in between. . .

  On another, ANOTHER, note, anyone who hasn’t been playing the mobile game Fate Grand/Order should be doing so if they are a fan of the “Fate” series. The upcoming event features Red Saber (Nero) and all the antics to go along with any Saber-face hero. And yes, “Saber-face” is an actual trait in that game.


Git. Rekt. Loser.

   You all know that I love Re:Zero, but I haven’t talked much about the highly underrated Mob Psycho 100. Mob, sadly, took a couple episode to ramp up, so it seems that people lost interest before it got really good. Even David had a hard time trying to get himself to watch it until episode 3 or so. But, after that, the show ends up being not only extremely intelligent, but also had a few fight scenes that were absolutely worth the wait. It’s hard to try and explain how good it is without ruining it and, trust me, I will most likely do a review on this bad boy as soon as I get some free time.

  On the other hand, I also finished Souma. Though it started terribly slow, like Mob, it ramped up like a monster during the last few episodes. I can’t say I was terribly proud of the tournament arc, but I still had a fun time watching it. I can liken Souma to McGyver, you know he can win (and at some points you KNOW he will win), it’s just about how he’s going to do it. I think the creativity of the food, the shot compositions, the explanations, and the music all play a huge part in how great the show is, in general. Even after a rough season, I really hope it gets another season!

  That’s it for me today, my Giga-Friends. I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday and an even better week! -J.R

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